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  1. page Page One Prime edited ... The first page of a newspaper is “prime” real estate. It’s where the most important stories ar…
    The first page of a newspaper is “prime” real estate. It’s where the most important stories are often found. That’s why it’s helpful to understand what’s behind those stories – because they matter. In some cases, a news story may not receive much attention but it matters because it's interesting. Those, too, are prime stories.
    Here’s some background on a “prime” story this week.
    Hurricane Happenings
    Wildfires in California
    seems like
    different with Hurricane Nate.
    Hurricanes are different from some natural disasters like earthquakes because while they're potentially dangerous
    the wildfires burning in both Northern and harmful,Southern California.The fires are devastating the counties in which they are also predictable. We do, mostburning. Entire towns have had to be evacuated and thousands of people have had to leave their homes not knowing if everything they own will burn up or be there waiting for them when they return.
    These fires also wreak havoc with
    the time at least, get warned bylocal economy. In Northern California, the weather service when onefires are burning throughout Napa and Sonoma, home to many vineyards. If those burn, it will devastate local businesses who grow and sell wine.
    of these storms is headed our way. Which can save lives. We can leavethis writing the area, or evacuate, if it looks really bad. Or, we can make sure we have an emergency kitfires were not contained, meaning they were still spreading despite the work of needed supplies like water, flashlights, food that doesn't need refrigeration and any medicines we take regularly.
    hundreds of firefighters who are trying around the clock to get the fires under control. Look in the
    see the aftermathcurrent state of Nate. Does it appear to you that people were adequately prepared? Hurricane season goes to November 1. Do you see any other storms predicted in the news?fires.
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  2. page Video News Views edited {Video_News_Views.jpg} ... video about citizen protests against their leader. The U.S. is not…
    video about citizen protests against their leader. The U.S. is notPuerto Rico after the only country where these protests happen.last hurricane devastated the territory. Do you think proteststhe U.S. has done enough to help these people? Do you know that Puerto Ricans are American citizens? Does that make a good way for peopledifference in our obligation to voice their opinions? Are there any news stories about protests today?help them?
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  3. page Newsie K-3 edited ... Newsie the Fish is Hooked on News! {NewsFish.jpg} ... in the world. One of world What…
    Newsie the Fish is Hooked on News!
    in the world.
    One of
    What is
    the first explorers to come to America was Christopher Columbus. Have you heard of him? Explorers go out into the world to learn new things. They are brave people. Can you find someonefunniest photo in today's news? How about the news today whoscariest? Which is brave?the most interesting? Find one of each and tell why you chose it.
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  4. page Write the News edited {Write_the_News_Logo.jpg} Topic: Run-On Sentences If Goldilocks gave sentence-writing advice,…
    Topic: Run-On Sentences
    If Goldilocks gave sentence-writing advice, she might say, “Don’t
    Hyperbole (pronounced hahy-PUR-buh-lee)is a type of figurative language, used to
    make them too long; don’t make them too short; make them just right.” If your sentences are too long, known as run-on sentences, you may lose the reader’s attention. If your sentences are too short, your writing may sound childish. If they’re just right, you say what you needcomparisons or to say, get to your subjectsdescribe something. It’s different from simile and verbs quickly, and move on.
    Begin by knowing what makes a good sentence. A sentence has a subject (the person, place, or thing doing the action), a verb (the action), and a complete idea.
    metaphor because hyperbole is an example:
    I opened the door.
    Subject = I Verb = opened Does it have a complete idea? Yes.
    exaggeration. It’s a complete sentence.
    If you just wrote, “I opened,” that would
    not meant to be taken literally.
    You might exclaim, “These books weigh
    a sentence because it doesn’t have a complete idea. It leaveston!” But your books don’t actually weigh 2000 pounds. You’re using hyperbole to describe the reader hanging to find out whatbooks as heavy.
    Here are other examples of hyperbole:
    It’s so hot
    you opened.
    could fry an example ofegg on the sidewalk.
    I’ve told you
    a run-on sentence:
    I opened the door, looked inside the room, and saw that there was no one in there,
    million times not to exaggerate.
    so hungry I closed the door and walked to the next room to see who was inside.
    Yes, it has subject and verb, but it also has too many ideas. It doesn’t tell the reader where to stop, pause, and go to the next idea.
    could be fixed this way:
    I opened
    eat a horse.
    She ran faster than
    the door and looked inside. There was no one in there. I closed the door and walked to the next room to see who was there.
    Are you guilty
    speed of writing sentences that are too long? Find out. Choose a pagelight.
    Write an example
    of your writing. Count the words in each sentence. Average is 8-15 words. If you have too many long sentences, 20 words or more, you probably need to write shorter sentences. For practice, findhyperbole for each:
    a long sentence in today’s newspaper. Rewrite it to make it shorter.thin person.
    Describe an old item.
    Describe something happening quickly.

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  5. page Lesson Plans edited ... Engage students with this week's news, events, and anniversaries. Each week we offer a civics…
    Engage students with this week's news, events, and anniversaries.
    Each week we offer a civics lesson to help students understand how our government works: Here's this week's lesson:
    Under our Constitution, some powers belongIt’s important to know the federal government. What is one powernames of your Congressional representatives. Find the federal government? Also under our Constitution, some powers belong to the states. What isname of one power of your Senators in the states? See ifnews. Can you can find a news story that illustrates a power of the federal government and one that shows the power ofyour governor’s name? Why are they in the states.
    Oct. 9-13,
    Oct. 16-20,
    Language Arts
    1. Headlines give the reader of sense of whatReader’s Theater is a story will be about. Askgreat way to encourage students to choose five articles from today’s news, read the headlines, and writefluently. You can use a prediction of whatnewspaper article for practice. Look for an interesting article. Assign parts to students based on the story is about. They should also write one question they have aboutarticle. If there are quotations, assign certain students to read those “parts.” Assign narrators to read the topicremaining text of each paragraph. Once parts are assigned, let the story. They should then skim each storyreading begin. This lesson adapts well to see how close their prediction was and if their question was answered. TheySmartBoard use. You can write their predictions andenlarge the results.
    Common Core Standard: Determine two or more main ideas of a
    text and explain how they are supported by key details;
    so that everyone can see. Once the text.
    3. If you are comfortable discussing this with students, introduce it as a way to bring up the topic of bullying. It has been said that 100% of students are involved in bullying situations because they are either a victim, a witness, or a bully. Do your students think that
    reading is true? Break your class into groups of two. Each partner duo shouldfinished, discuss these questions:
    Can one person make a difference?
    If bullying has no audience, can it exist?
    How is empathy
    the first step to stopping violence?
    How can you become part
    content of the solutionstory with the class. You may want to bullying at school?
    allow time for a group discussionstudents to follow. Then havereread the partners find a story in the newspaper about someone who is either being bullied or is a bully. They shouldsilently.
    Common Core Standard: Read on-level prose and poetry orally with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression on successive readings
    2. News reporters
    write for a paragraph about how empathy couldliving. Your students can practice their writing skills by imagining themselves as reporters. First, have changed the situation. Allow time for the duos to present their thoughts to the class.
    3. With all the focus on
    them choose an interesting news from the White House,story and read it may be a good timecarefully. Ask them to look atimagine five questions the building known as the White House. Explain toreporter might have asked in interviewing for that story. Then, students can go online to this bitinteractive game that walks them through the steps of historyreporting a news story.
    Common Core Standard: Cite the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis
    of what the White House. They started building ittext says explicitly
    3. Visit this site where children's authors have been interviewed. Click
    on October 13, 1792, and yes, as Michelle Obama once said, it was built in part by slaves. It was constructed and then modernized to meet the special needs of a president, including the Oval Office and roomsvideo for Daniel Kirk. Have students pay special presentations and state dinners. Invite studentsattention to skim the Housefirst question about how he finds characters. Then send students into the newspaper searching for Sale ads to find a house thatsomeone in an article who would be perfectmake a good character for their personal needs. Theya story, based on how he or she reacted to the events in the news story. Students should write a vivid description of the house they chose and why it’s perfectcharacter sketch about that person. And, if your students ever need a good prompt for them.writing, they can use the ones offered at this site.
    Common Core Standard: produce clear and coherent writing
    4. The National Council of Teachers of English celebrate National Writing Day on October 20. Explain to students that because people are writing more than ever, in text messages, postings, emails, and yes, even with pen and paper, communication counts in a huge way. Since writing is so important, this day has been declared to raise awareness of this skill and its value in everyone’s life. Invite your students to participate in the celebration by completing their choice of these writing assignments based on the newspaper.
    Write a journal entry reacting to a story you read in today’s news.
    Write a found poem based on words you took from a news story.
    Write an editorial based on an issue in the news.
    Common Core Standard: Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience

    1. ThereIt may be interesting for students to consider how math is a great deal of authentic data availablerelevant in the news. That data makes perfect material for the creation of graphs.real world. Invite studentsthem to find a set of datareview the Help Wanted ads and to use. It could beidentify the car prices,jobs that require math skills. Have them write about what their research reveals. What percentage of the weather information, categories of comic strips, homes for sale, etc. Here’s a cool, free online tool to create a variety of different kinds of jobs listed require math?
    Common Core Standard: DrawFind a picture graph andpercent of a bar graph (with single-unit scale) to represent a data set with up to four categoriesquantity
    2. Baseball seasonThere is coming to an end soon. Havelots of math found in any day’s newspaper. Invite students use the statistics of recent games to write three word problems for a partner to solve.go on this scavenger hunt. They should make sure their partner can solvewrite about each of these as they find it:
    A decimal number
    A three-digit number
    Any number
    A prime number
    After they find each one, they should use the numbers in this way. First multiply the decimal by the three-digit number. Divide
    the problems and, if not, allow time for partners to teach each other how to do so.product by the next number they found. Then have them subtract the prime number.
    Common Core Standard: Computing with authentic data
    3. Progressive Insurance offered a contest to encourage development
    Find whole-number quotients of efficient vehicles. The winner of the $5 million prize was Edison2whole numbers with a 4-passenger vehicle that weighs less than 1000 pounds. It can get up to 102 miles per gallonfour-digit dividends and two-digit divisors, using strategies based on place value, the properties of gasoline. Challenge students to compare that to five different cars advertised in today’s newspaper that advertise their mpg. Have them compare each tooperations, and/or the prize-winning vehicle. Ifrelationship between multiplication and division. Illustrate and explain the cost of gas is $3.89, how much will each car spend to drive 100 miles?
    Common Core Standard: solve word problems involving money
    calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area models.
    Science Literacy
    1. It’s gettingRed Ribbon Week is Oct. 23-31. It is a week dedicated to be coldteaching kids about substance abuse and flu season so you’ll wanthow to introduce some basic hygiene into your classroom routines. Perhapsstay safe. Have students skim the most valuable lesson is a basic one. Students neednews to wash their hands! Studies have shown that one of the best wayssee if there are any stories related to get people to wash their hands and therefore stop the spreading of germs, is bydrugs or alcohol. Allow time for a Public Awareness Campaign. Invite students to check outdiscussion about how the display ads insubstance affected the newspaperevents. Then ask students to see howbrainstorm “Ten Ways to Say No.” Ask them to imagine that they are designed. They should createin a newspaper display ad encouraging peoplesituation where drugs or alcohol is offered. What strategies can they use to wash their hands. Research has also shown that scaring people aboutmuster the danger of spreading germs worksstrength to encourage themresist? For more information about Red Ribbon Week, click here.
    Invite students
    to wash more. Students may wantchoose some words and phrases from the news story they used for this assignment and to add others to make their ads scary as a online poster encouraging people to stay away from drugs.
    Common Core Standard: analyze the cumulative impact of specific word choices on meaning and tone
    2. This lesson integrates language arts into your science curriculum. As hurricane season ramps up, rain is often big news. But, rain is also an inspiration for poetry. Here is an example of
    Use technology to produce writing
    2. Explain to students that people in Denmark pay
    a rain-themed poem from Langston Hughes.
    April Rain Song by Langston Hughes
    Let the rain kiss you
    Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops
    Let the rain sing you
    bit more money if they choose to eat some fattening foods. The country instituted a lullaby
    The rain makes still pools
    “fat tax” based on the sidewalk
    The rain makes running pools
    amount of saturated fat used in preparing the gutter
    The rain plays
    food. For example, a little sleep song on our roof at night
    And I love
    bag of chips might cost about 12 cents more while a hamburger goes up about 40 cents. This “fat tax” may have been the rain.
    first of its kind in the world. Ask students to look atuse the weather map and forecastarchive tool of the e-edition to search “fat tax” to see if they can find any articles about this. Then allow time for a discussion about whether students think a government should tax people in today’s newspaper. Haveorder to encourage them writeto eat healthier foods. You may also want to discuss the recent tax instituted in Philadelphia where people are paying a similar poem using words fromlot more for cigarettes with the forecast.extra tax money going to be used in schools. Do your students think this is a good idea?
    Common Core Standard: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are usedevaluate conclusions in a text, distinguishing literal from nonliteral text
    Social Studies
    1. If your school recognizes Columbus Day, celebratedAsk students this year on Oct. 9,question, “What civic value do you may wantbelieve is most essential to introduce studentsbeing an American? Invite them to the formfind examples of poetry known as “concrete” poetry. In it, the form,that civic value in today's newspaper..
    Common Core Standard: Provide a concluding statement
    or shape of the poem, coincides withsection that follows from or supports the message. Take for example, this poem titled, “Suppose Columbus.” Show itargument
    2. On October 20, 1957, journalist Walter Cronkite began hosting a weekly TV show, “The 20th Century.” He reported
    on major events that shaped history. Later the board exactly as written and askshow’s title was changed to “The 21st Century.” Challenge students to read and react to it. Ask them whatimagine that they notice about its form and how the form relates to the words. Asare producing a follow-up, assignnew show, “The 22nd Century.” It looks at today’s events that will shape tomorrow. Which story in today’s news would your students to writeinclude? Allow time for a concrete poemdebate about a photothe one story in today’s newspaper. Or, if you prefer, assignnews that will have the greatest impact on history. You may want them to writecreate an argument map. An argument map is a concrete poem using words fromvisual representation of the Sports section. Sports providestructure of a good background for poems in shapes.
    formal debate or argument. Creating one helps clarify thinking and organize details.
    Core Standard: Produce clear and coherent writing in whichdelineate an argument, present information clearly
    3. Explain to students that on Oct. 22, 1962, President John F. Kennedy looked over reports that indicated that
    the development and organization are appropriateSoviet Union was building missile bases in Cuba. Because Cuba is so close to task, purpose, and audience.
    Suppose Columbus
    Charles Suhor
    wrong been had Columbus Suppose
    the U.S., this as flat was earth the Suppose
    goodships the And
    action put the U.S. in dangerous proximity to getenemy missiles. Kennedy had to west Traveling
    the is fact
    decide what to do to protect his country. He could attack the But
    cliff watery
    bases in Cuba or do something less aggressive. He chose to order a towards Racing
    naval blockade of nests crow's the in And
    "!ho Land" cry to wanting men Frightened
    the on But
    gone was ship sister their
    Cuba so that only crying Men
    the on And
    gone were
    Russian ships sisters his that only crying man crazed A
    couldn’t bring any more supplies to Cuba. In response, the and abyss airy an suddenly And
    Columbus Of
    2. Christopher Columbus was Italian, but crewmembers
    leader of the 1492 voyage were Spanish. Since Hispanic Heritage Month runs through Oct. 15 and Columbus Day is celebrated on Oct. 10, this week is a good timeSoviet Union, Nikita Khruschev ordered his field commanders in Cuba to study that exploration. Your students should understand that inlaunch the days of Columbus, nations gained power in several ways. One wasmissiles if the U.S. attacked. Kennedy ordered Khruschev to have members of royal familiesremove the missiles from differentCuba. A very tense week passed as the world watched the two countries marry, thereby strengthening the alliances. Then, in order to gain even more territory, they might fight wars. To gain even more land and power, they might pay for explorerstheir leaders to find new areas to conquer. So it was with Spain. After marrying King Ferdinand, Queen Isabella supported Columbus by providing him with money and ships. He was then able to establishsee what happened. The world teetered on the first Spanish settlement inbrink of all-out war but at the new world. Once inend of the week, Khruschev ordered the Americas, his actions became controversial. Today, some consider him a heromissile removal and brave explorer, while others see Columbus as a tyrant who cruelly exploited the Indians and stole their land. Inviteimmediate danger passed peacefully. Ask students to research online and debate Columbus’ legacy.use the archive tool of the e-edition to read about recent events concerning Iran’s nuclear program. They can check outcompare the editorialstwo in today's newspaper and then write one presenting their opinions about Columbus.
    An interesting timeline of the Cuban missile crisis can be found here.
    Core Standard: Produce clear and coherent writing in whichpresent information clearly
    4. Not only do women make up half
    the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience.
    As controversial
    population, but as that Spanish exploration may be today, there’s no denying that Hispanics then and now make a huge impact on America. Challenge studentsgroup they also are active voters. Candidates for election know they need large numbers of women to skim the newspapersupport them if they are going to find examples of words they think come from Spanish.
    . 2. Learning
    win the “five W’s” will provide students with an excellent toolelection. With your class, scan the paper for summarizing articlesnews about issues in upcoming elections. For each one, discuss whether that issue is especially important to women, and why. Do all the election. The “five W’s”—who, what, when, where and why—are usually foundgirls in every news story. Write those five “fact” words on the board. Select one election article fromclass have the same opinion about the newspaper and slowly read it aloud to your students. Have them interrupt you whenissue, or are they hear each fact. Continue until your students have identified all five facts. Usingdivided? What about the five facts, help themboys? Do you think being a woman candidate helps or hurts her chances to create a one-sentence summary of the story. win? Why?
    Lessons written by Deborah Drezon Carroll. Carroll taught for ten years in Philadelphia, PA and is the author of two parenting books. She also coordinated the Newspaper in Education department of the Philadelphia Inquirer for 16 years.
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    click download. {Graphing Newspaper Stories.pdf}
    {Multiple-Choice Test.pdf}

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  7. page From the Core edited ... {From_the_Core_2.jpg} Read the selection and take the quiz to see how well you read. Go to h…
    Read the selection and take the quiz to see how well you read. Go to to find the meaning of any word.
    Test Taking
    Here are some tips to help you in any test
    1. Read the directions twice. Then set up a mental schedule for working through the test. So when you’re about halfway done with the test, check to make sure that you have about half
    the best thingtime left.
    2. Don’t waste time thinking too much
    about school?really hard questions. If you think it is taking tests "tests" on that line,have no idea at all, just guess and go on.If you may not need more time to readwork it out, skip it and come backat the rest of this. You probably didn’t, though. Like most kids,end if you probably don’t love taking tests. But because testshave enough time.
    3. Don’t make the test harder than it is. Sometimes, simple, easy questions
    are such a big part of school,just that. If you ought to learn about taking them, even if you don’t love them.
    Tests come in all shapes and sizes, and as you go through school you’ll meet them all. You
    think a question is too easy, your answer is probably take two different kinds of tests -– standardized tests and tests thatjust right.
    4. Ask
    your teachers create to check whatteacher questions if you know.
    Standardized tests
    are taken by many students across your state and sometimes acrossconfused about the whole country. You are scored by how welldirections. He or she can’t give you do comparedanswers but may beable to other kids in your grade. These tests are like the other testsgive you take in school exceptinformation that can help you.
    5. Focus on the content of the test instead of thinking about how
    you can’t exactly studyfeel.
    6. Check your work at the end.
    Special Tips
    for them becauseMultiple Choice Exams
    1. As
    you don’t know what will be on them. You can practice taking that kindread the question, try to guess the answer, if you can, beforelooking at the choices. If the answer youguessed is one of test, though,the choices, it’s probably correct.
    2. Always read each question
    and all of the answers completely, even if youguessed at the answer. There may be abetter answer further down the list.
    3. Quickly leave out any choices
    that practice will help you improve your score. Taking tests well iscould not just about being smart. (Butpossibly be right. Many questions haveonly two choices that does help!) Smart kids are oftenmake sense, along with afew that couldn’t be right. You should work atspotting poor test-takers. Intelligence alone won’t do the job. The good news ischoices so that anyoneyou can learn howquickly get ridof them.
    4. Know that sometimes information important
    to take tests, but it does take some time, so be patient with yourself.
    Taking tests
    one question is like playinggiven away in another part of the test.
    5. On questions that have "all of the above" as
    a game. You wouldn’t expect to be a good soccer playerchoice, if you ran out ontoknow that just two of the field and tried to play without knowing anychoices are right, you should choose "all of the rules.above." If you didn’t even know what a goal was, or which way to kickare pretty sure thatone of the ball, how would you ever win? Taking a testchoices is no different. You need to understand how that kindwrong, you should pick just one of test workstheother answers, not "all of the above."
    6. Look out for words such as "always," "never," "necessarily," "only," "must," "completely," "totally"
    and how to attack it properly. But, justothers like that. If they are so overreaching, the answer is probablywrong. Look for a more specific choice. But you should alsoknow that words like "often," "sometimes," "perhaps,""may" and "generally" often show up in soccer, anyone who hascorrect answers.
    Tips for Essay Exams
    1. Time is usually important, so start by looking over
    the desire can learnquestions and planning to use your time based on
    _ your knowledge,
    the rulestime needed to answer each question and play
    the game. Ifpoints you want tomight get better at taking tests,for answering each question.
    Usually, it’s a good idea to start by answering the questions that are worth the most and that
    you can!
    You should
    know best.
    2. Spend a minute getting organized before you start the exam. Sometimes students are in such ahurry to write their answers
    that reading books,their paragraphsare not well organized. Make sure your writingmakes good sense and is in good order. Take amoment to outline what you will write.
    3. In
    writing papers,essays, the trick is to write less and taking testssay more. Try to get easier with practice. Andright to the rewards thatpoint, say what youmean as clearly as you get –- the buildingcan, and stop. Teachers do not likeit when you try to cover up of your brain andlack of knowledge by just writing a lot.
    4. Use any vocabulary words you’ve learned about
    the good grades you’ll earn – make the work well worth it!topic. Teachers like to see that you can use those wordsand that you show what you know.
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  1. page Video News Views edited {Video_News_Views.jpg} ... video about citizen protests against their leader. The U.S. is not…
    video about citizen protests against their leader. The U.S. is not the cases comingonly country where these protests happen. Do you think protests are a good way for people to the Supreme Court. Find a story in thevoice their opinions? Are there any news stories about our court system and explain why we need courts.protests today?
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  2. page Page One Prime edited ... The first page of a newspaper is “prime” real estate. It’s where the most important stories ar…
    The first page of a newspaper is “prime” real estate. It’s where the most important stories are often found. That’s why it’s helpful to understand what’s behind those stories – because they matter. In some cases, a news story may not receive much attention but it matters because it's interesting. Those, too, are prime stories.
    Here’s some background on a “prime” story this week.
    Puerto Rico Storm Woes
    Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico two weeks ago
    Hurricane Happenings
    It seems like every week for the past month or so, a storm or hurricane is making news
    and left devastation in its aftermath. Herecausing chaos. This week is no different with Hurricane Nate.
    are different from some facts about Puerto Rico you should know in order to understand recent news.
    Puerto Rico is made up of one large island
    natural disasters like earthquakes because while they're potentially dangerous and several smaller ones, home to about 3.6 million people.
    It is a territory
    harmful, they are also predictable. We do, most of the United States (won intime at least, get warned by the Spanish American War of 1898), meaning its people are American citizens.
    They do not have a vote in Congress, nor do they vote for president, but they do vote in primaries.
    weather service when disaster struck, as it did with this hurricane, they look to the governmentone of these storms is headed our way. Which can save lives. We can leave the U.S. for help. Some people felt help took too long to get there and that Donald Trump did not act quickly enougharea, or as quickly as he had when recent hurricanes hit Texas and Florida. Others felt that Trump did a good job. But then Mayor Cruzevacuate, if it looks really bad. Or, we can make sure we have an emergency kit of San Juan, Puerto Rico, saidneeded supplies like water, flashlights, food that people were dying from lack of powerdoesn't need refrigeration and water and they needed more help fromany medicines we take regularly.
    Look in
    the government. Donald Trump resounded on Twitter with:
    The Mayor
    news to see the aftermath of San Juan, who was very complimentary only a few days ago, has now been told by the Democrats that you must be nasty to Trump.
    Many people thought
    Nate. Does it wrong for Trumpappear to attack the mayor who was only asking for help for her people. Others thought Trump was doing a good job helping theyou that people of Puerto Rico.
    Meanwhile, the island is still without power or enough food or water. This story will continue
    were adequately prepared? Hurricane season goes to make news and Trump is expected to visit there this week.November 1. Do you think Trump is being a good leader tosee any other storms predicted in the people of Puerto Rico? Why?news?
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