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    Read the selection and take the quiz to see how well you read. Go to to find the meaning of any word.
    Stop in the Name of Health
    Vitamins and Minerals
    you begin to think about fitnessever seen a Popeye cartoon? Popeye would eat spinach and good health, the next step is to stop eating junk food. Well, you don’tit would make him strong. He may have been a cartoon character, but he wasn’t wacky when it came to stop altogether, just stop eating too much of those kinds of foods. Junk food may taste good,good health. Spinach, like many vegetables, contains many vitamins and you can still eat your favorites in small amounts, but junk foods do not provide the nutrientsminerals that your body needs. There is a reason it’s called “junk.”
    Label Consciousness
    The energy in food is measured in calories. The number of calories
    play essential roles in keeping your food determines how much energy your body will produce. And, ashealthy. Your body cannot make vitamins and minerals on its own so you read earlier, the extra energymust get them from foods that you don’t use ends up as fat. But, as the saying goes, “forewarned is forearmed.”eat or from dietary supplements. If you know abouteat a problem headed your way,balanced diet with a variety of foods, you can arm yourselfprobably will get all the vitamins and fight it off. So, ifminerals you know how many caloriesneed. If you’re eating, you can avoid eating too manyconcerned that you’re not getting enough vitamins and head off the problem of having too much fat. How dominerals, you find outshould ask your doctor about how many calories arewhether you should take vitamin supplements.
    Vitamin A is important for eyesight. It also keeps your skin healthy, helps your body fight infections, and plays a part when your bones grow. It’s found
    in the foods you eat? Simple, readsuch as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, squash, spinach, nectarines, apricots, butter, eggs, liver, and milk.
    Vitamin B is important for metabolism,
    the nutritional labels. That’s why they’re there. Those labels tell you everything you needprocess your body uses to know about food.
    Product labels
    make and use energy. Vitamin B also give other information. On a typical food label for you can see the section of the label titled “Nutrition Facts.”helps your body make red blood cells, which carry oxygen throughout your blood. It shows you key information about the healthfulnessis found in whole grains, green leafy vegetables, dried beans, fish, beef, pork, chicken, and enriched bread and cereals. (“Enriched” means that vitamins are added.)
    Vitamin C is one
    of the product.
    Here are some helpful hints
    best-known vitamins – and for reading food labels:
    ▲ Pay attention to the serving size. The nutritional information on the package
    good reason. It is based on the amountimportant for healthy teeth, gums, bones, and muscles. It also helps your body heal broken bones or cuts and to resist infections. It’s found in a serving. But you should determine the nutritional content of the food you actually eat, not what the label saysoranges, tangerines, lemons, grapefruit, honeydew, watermelon, strawberries, raspberries, broccoli, tomatoes, green peppers, and orange and grapefruit juices.
    Vitamin D
    is important for strong bones because it helps your body absorb calcium, a serving’s worth.
    ▲ Pay attention to what’s
    mineral your bones need. Vitamin D is found in milk, pudding, tuna, and eggs. Your body can also absorb Vitamin D from the foodSun.
    Vitamin E protects your body’s tissues, such as your eyes, skin, liver,
    and what isn’t. How many grams of fatlungs. It helps your body store Vitamin A and fiber arehelps Vitamin K with blood clotting. It’s found in each serving? As you make healthy choices, you’ll want to lookvegetable oils, nuts, and green leafy vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.
    Vitamin K is essential
    for foodsblood clotting. Clots are congealed blood that are lowstop your body from bleeding and prevent germs from getting inside cuts. Vitamin K is found in fat but high in fiber. Aim for foods with less than 7 gramscereals, soybeans, cheese, and green leafy vegetables.
    Your body needs small quantities
    of fatminerals such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, and more than 3 grams of fiber.
    Reading labels when you can enables you to balance foods throughout the day. It’s probably not realistic to think
    iron. Your body can’t make minerals, though. Instead, they must enter your body from plants or indirectly from animals that young people will read the label of everything they eat and will never eat junk food. But here’s what you can do. You can eatate plants.
    Minerals serve special functions
    in balance. If someyour body. Consider these minerals, for example.
    Iron is part
    of hemoglobin, an element of red blood cells, which carry oxygen through your favorite foods are high in fat, sugar, or sodium, you don’tblood. To have to stop eating them altogether. Buthealthy blood, you should try to balance them with other, healthier foods throughout the day. For example, if you eat a dessert with high fat content at lunch, don’t eat another with dinner. Have an apple instead.
    When no label
    need iron. It is available, try this simple balancing act. Picture your meal on a plate. It should look like this:
    ▲ One-quarter of the plate should contain a protein source, such as fish,
    found in red meat, poultry, soy, etc.
    ▲ One-quarter of the plate should contain a starch/carbohydrate, such
    liver, dried beans (such as potatoes, rice (preferably brown rice), pasta, etc.
    ▲ One-half of
    baked beans), baked potato (with the plate should contain vegetables.
    Add a fruit
    skin), apricots, enriched bread and cereal, and raisins.
    Calcium is essential
    for dessert, and, presto, you’ve got a balanced meal. And consider this – if you really want a dessert that’s a bit highstrong bones and teeth. You probably know that calcium is found in sugardairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, and fat, go ahead and have it, but have it instead of the starch/carbohydrate. See how it works? It’s a matter of balance.frozen yogurt. Calcium is also added to some orange juice.
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  3. page Newsie K-3 edited ... {NewsFish.jpg} Hi! I'm reading the news. I like to know what is going on in the world. So …
    Hi! I'm reading the news. I like to know what is going on in the world.
    So far there hasn't been a hurricane this summer. Check the weather forecast in your newsSummer is flying by. I need to get some things for school. Can you help me find pictures about the weather. Draw a picture of tomorrow's weather.things you'd like to have to use in school this year? Find 5 things that would help you do better in school.
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  4. page Video News Views edited {Video_News_Views.jpg} ... video about Russia's meddling in our elections. Nikki Haley says i…
    video about Russia's meddling in our elections. Nikki Haley says it's something everyone knows is true. Donald Trump has said he'steens watching a man drown and not so sure. What do you think? Why dohelping him. Do you think so?this should be a crime? Why? Can you find a crime story in thetoday's news about this?which you think is unfair?
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  5. page Page One Prime edited ... The first page of a newspaper is “prime” real estate. It’s where the most important stories ar…
    The first page of a newspaper is “prime” real estate. It’s where the most important stories are often found. That’s why it’s helpful to understand what’s behind those stories – because they matter. In some cases, a news story may not receive much attention but it matters because it's interesting. Those, too, are prime stories.
    Here’s some background on a “prime” story this week.
    Woke This Week?
    Summer may be a good time for sleeping
    Can You Be Your Own Judge?
    The investigation into whether anyone
    in or sleeping late but for some people, this summer is a timethe Trump campaign worked illegally with the Russians to be "woke."
    sway the election continues. Robert Mueller is the head of the investigation. Donald Trump has developed new meaningrepeatedly said no one in recent years, particularly on social media. It meanshis campaign did anything wrong but the investigation continues.
    Some of the findings indicate that people in the campaign including Donald Trump, Jr., Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner (married
    to Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter) and others did in fact meet with Russians during the election campaign season. It will be aware about social issues, particularly as they relateup to racial injustice.
    It's hard
    the investigators to find exactly when slang termsdecide if those meetings were born but, according to Merriam-Webster's dictionary, this one could be traced back to a song from 2008criminal in nature.
    This week, Mr. Trump began tweeting about "pardons." A pardon is
    when Erykah Badu wrote the lyric "stay woke" to mean being socially aware. Then,a judge or person in 2014, aftercharge forgives a person for a crime so that the shootingperson is not punished. Mr. Trump has said he can pardon anyone he wants and he also has mentioning pardoning himself.
    The Constitution does give the president vast powers
    of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO,pardoning but it does not say whether the term "stay woke" picked up speed and was used more frequently.
    So, this summer, what do you think about staying woke
    president can pardon himself. No president has ever tried to current events and social issues? School's out butdo that. There is a provision in our legal system that doesn't mean you don't keep learningsays a person cannot serve as his own judge, precisely because it would not make sense for anyone to decide his or reading. Which issues from the news doher own guilt or innocence. But now people are wondering if a president can pardon himself?
    you think are the most importantthat should be something a president can do if he commits a crime: to "stay woke" about? Why?let himself off the hook?
    Watch the news for more discussion of pardons.

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  6. page Write the News edited {Write_the_News_Logo.jpg} Topic: Found Poetry Found Poems are poems created from borrowed word…
    Topic: Found Poetry
    Found Poems are poems created from borrowed words
    Song Lyrics
    In order for a song lyric to ring true
    and phrases that are written by someone else.sound like someone’s authentic thoughts and feelings, the writer must be honest. The wordswriter has to express what he or she feels without fear. It is important for these poems are 'found' within an existing text such as the newspaper. To create a Found Poem, you will selectwriter to be introspective and combine words and phrases to createexamine his or "find"her inner feeling in order to bring it out and put it on paper.
    To identify styles of writing that sound most authentic, you can read
    a poem.
    Use only isolated words,
    variety of letters to the editor or opinion columns. Select phrases or sentences from your source.
    Don't add any words.
    You can delete words.
    You can change
    that sound the tense ofmost like they were written by real people speaking. Think about what makes writing sound “real” – or as if it were written by ordinary people trying to express their thoughts. Then begin writing lyrics for a word.
    song. Skim the news to find a topic that would make a good background for a song. You can repeatwrite quick notes, words, phrases, sentences.
    After selecting a central theme, choose a list
    feelings – whatever -- as you read the news about that topic. You may want to use some of keythose words orand phrases that describe or support this theme. Find all the words in one articleyour song lyrics. At this point, don't worry about correct grammar or story or choose them from different partspunctuation. Rewrites are a time for correction. The first phase of the newspaper including, ads, obituaries, comics, sports, etc.
    Arrange these words or phrases to create the poem you found.
    writing is all about creativity and honesty.
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