Topic: Writing Riddles

On April 27, 1897, Grant’s Tomb was dedicated in New York to honor the general. What they probably didn’t know then was that the tomb would become iconic as one of the best-known riddles in America.

“Who’s buried in Grant’s tomb?” is a riddle in which the answer is contained in the question so the answer is obvious. Comedian Groucho Marx would often ask the question on his television game show so that the people who hadn’t won anything wouldn’t leave empty-handed.

Riddles are great learning tools as they compel you to think creatively. Explore the use of riddles by writing a few based on stories in today’s news. For example, if you read a story about a local house fire where the homeowner wasn’t home but arrived as the fire was being put out, your riddle might be:

“A man comes home to find his house on fire and doesn't seem that upset. Why?”

Answer: Because he had just sold the house to someone else.

Write your riddles and share them with your class.

Common Core Standard: Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development and organization are appropriate
to task, purpose, and audience

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