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Topic: Song Lyrics

In order for a song lyric to ring true and sound like someone’s authentic thoughts and feelings, the writer must be honest. The writer has to express what he or she feels without fear. It is important for the writer to be introspective and to examine his or her inner feeling in order to bring it out and put it on paper.

To identify styles of writing that sound most authentic, you can read a variety of letters to the editor or opinion columns. Select phrases or sentences that sound the most like they were written by real people speaking. Think about what makes writing sound “real” – or as if it were written by ordinary people trying to express their thoughts. Then begin writing lyrics for a song. Skim the news to find a topic that would make a good background for a song. You can write quick notes, words, phrases, feelings – whatever -- as you read the news about that topic. You may want to use some of those words and phrases in your song lyrics. At this point, don't worry about correct grammar or punctuation. Rewrites are a time for correction. The first phase of writing is all about creativity and honesty.

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