The first page of a newspaper is “prime” real estate. It’s where the most important stories are often found. That’s why it’s helpful to understand what’s behind those stories – because they matter. In some cases, a news story may not receive much attention but it matters because it's interesting. Those, too, are prime stories.

Here’s some background on a “prime” story this week.

Climate Kids Go to Court

There were several marches this past weekend dedicated to drawing attention to climate change and other environmental issues. Many people are concerned that Donald Trump is not working to protect our planet and is, in fact, creating obstacles to having a healthier planet for all people. They took their protest to the streets of Washington and many other places.

One such group is not just marching. They are suing Mr. Trump. There is a group of 21 young people (the youngest is just 9 years old) suing Trump and his administration for not doing enough to protect kids and others from global warming. The lawsuit was originally brought against President Obama but now is against Donald Trump, who, the children say, is considering legislation that will make things even worse and less healthy for the future.

So far the government has tried to get the courts to dismiss the case but the case is still pending. The kids are arguing that their rights to live in a healthy environment are being hurt by the government's actions and inactions concerning climate.

Watch the news to see how this case goes. If nothing else, the climate kids are getting a great deal of attention to a very important issue.

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