Page One Prime


The first page of a newspaper is “prime” real estate. It’s where the most important stories are often found. That’s why it’s helpful to understand what’s behind those stories – because they matter. In some cases, a news story may not receive much attention but it matters because it's interesting. Those, too, are prime stories.

Here’s some background on a “prime” story this week.

Promises, Promises

Donald Trump is nearing his 100th day in office. Some people think that the first 100 days of a president's term are a bellwether for the whole term. In other words, if he or she gets a great deal done in the first 100 days, that pace of achievement is likely to continue. The reverse is also true that if not that much is accomplished, the whole term might be like that.

The Trump 100th day is Saturday, April 29 and Trump has a big rally planned in Harrisburg, PA. But before that, he's trying to get a lot of things done this week so he's made several big announcements of his plans. These include a promise to make changes to our tax laws sometime this week. Politicians are often known to make promises they don't or can't keep, but then again, some promises are kept.

Keep your eye on the news this week to see if this promise is kept. Then watch for stories about what Mr. Trump was able to accomplish in his first 100 days. Do you think he's a good president so far? Why?

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