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How often do you think about garbage? If you’re like most people, you only think about it once or twice a week when you have to drag it out to the curb or down to a dumpster. For most people, that’s the end of it... once the garbage is out of your house, why worry about it? The truth is, garbage doesn’t just go away. It has to be handled very carefully to be certain that it does not turn into pollution.

Do you know the difference between garbage, trash, yard waste, recyclables and household hazardous wastes or how to properly dispose of the different kinds of waste that we produce every day? The average American creates about six pounds of waste every day. Where does all this waste come from? Some studies
have shown that every year Americans use millions of feet of paper towels and buy 500 million disposable lighters. Every day Americans use 35 million paper clips! That’s a lot of stuff that has to be thrown away — and we’ve just scratched the surface!

For many years Americans were known as a “throw-away society.” That means that we depended on disposable items that we just threw away when we were finished with them. We now know that recycling is not the only way to help the environment. When we use durable and reusable products we can reduce the amount of waste we produce. By reducing our waste, we also reduce the need to build new landfills and waste-to-energy plants. Reducing waste is the right thing to do!

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