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Earth Day

On April 22nd, millions of people of all ages across the entire world, in places like Alaska and Antarctica, Bangor, Maine and Beijing, China, will gather to perform acts of environmental kindness. They will plant trees. Clean up roadside litter and trash in parks. Perform environmental plays, sing environmental songs. Help fix an eroded stream bank. Put up bird and bat houses. Plant gardens for songbirds, butterflies, even hummingbirds.

For April 22nd is Earth Day, a very special day celebrated across the entire planet. In fact, Earth Day is one of the very few non-religious holidays observed worldwide. And on this day, people think about the importance of the global environment, and all that it gives us, like air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, and trees for timber, paper, homes and furniture. Earth Day is also a time to remember that we share the Earth, our home, with millions of other plants and animals, like single-celled seaweed and massive redwood trees, tropical fruit bats and monstrous whales. And because so many people care about nature and the environment, they are gathering to DO things. So what are you doing for Earth Day?

Would like to join the growing number of Earth Day participants worldwide? Consider talking with your family at home about participating in Earth Day through events at local parks, nature centers and environmental organizations.

The Earth gives you a lot of wonderful gifts that help keep you alive. Earth Day is a time for people to think about how we can give back to the Earth that sustains us all.

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